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Update for Meredith

Good Afternoon Beloved,

I have good news regarding Meredith’s first procedure today. The cath lab staff successfully got pictures and measurements of everything they needed AND successfully opened up her Atrial Septum. There was great concern that she would not survive this procedure, but God is good!!!!
By opening the atrial septum gradually, the hope is that the blood pressures in the small left chamber (which are EXTREMELY HIGH) will drop gradually and the hole in the wall of the left chamber feeding the fistula and causing the reverse flow of the coronary arteries will subside and the heart will begin to regenerate and repair itself gradually.
The procedure wasn’t without complications, but Meredith is back in ICU and stabilizing.
We will now be able to move forward with further plans for a hybrid procedure.
We are very happy right now!!!!

In His Grace,

Mark J. Elkins
Grace Baptist Church, Pastor
Cell: 276-229-5719

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