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Deacon Elections 1 Timothy 3:1-13; Titus 1:5-9 & Acts 6:1-6

As summer vacations begin to wind down and the school year begins to wind up, it is time for us to once again turn our prayers and thoughts to whom God wills to be our next Deacons. There are new members and guests since our last Deacon Election, and I thought it would be helpful to review our process and seek God’s guidance on this very important endeavor.

At its founding, Grace decided to combine the biblical roles of Elder and Deacon into one position, that of Deacon (or as I like to joke “Delder”). Our current bylaws call for 8 Deacons, who will each serve a 4 year term, with 2 Deacons rolling off the board each year. Due to the Woodlief’s upcoming move to North Carolina, we will need to elect 3 new Deacons for 2015.

The Deacon Election process is broken up into 3 parts: The Nomination Phase, the Qualification Phase, and the Voting Phase. The Nomination Phase runs through the entire month of August. During this time, any member of the church may nominate another member of the church:
• Who is a male
• Who has been a church member for at least 1 year
• Whom they believe meets God’s guidance as outlined in Scripture (1 Timothy 3:1-13; Titus 1:5-9 & Acts 6:1-6) and would honor Him in the role of Deacon.

The Nomination Phase will close at the end of August and the Qualification Phase will begin and run until September 20th. During this phase, the nominees will be interviewed by the Pastor and at least one Deacon to discuss the Biblical Qualifications and Practical Responsibilities of the role, as well as the Basic Biblical Doctrines of Grace Baptist that they will be asked to uphold.

All the nominees who do not rule themselves out during the Qualification Phase will be placed on a secret and randomly numbered ballot that will be distributed to all active church members beginning on Sunday September 21st. There will be a 3 week time period for all ballots to be returned to the church ending on Sunday October 12th, at which time all ballots will be tabulated and the results reported to the church.

So, open your Bibles to the appropriate passages above and open your hearts to God’s leading as we begin to discern God’s will for the next men who will help lead Grace Baptist Church for the next 4 years!!!
–Pastor Mark Elkins

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