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Spring is In the Air…

Spring is in the air here at Grace Baptist Church and many people’s thoughts are turning to graduations and summer plans.  I too am hoping to graduate this May 18th from Shepherd’s Theological Seminary in Cary, NC, where I have been traveling to (first from Richmond and now from Stuart) for the last four years.  And, in my attempts to finish up my final classes and complete my Thesis, I have had the opportunity to do a great deal of thinking about the concept of graduation.

It occurred to me, that on this side of eternity, there is no graduation from God’s school of sanctification.  Every day, every season of life, every new experience, and every truth that we finally begin to grasp from God’s Scriptures transforms us ever so slightly more into the image of His glorious Son.  But, here on earth, our Christian education never ends. As Jesus’ disciples or pupils, we must never feel like we have “arrived” or finished our process of growth.

It is why Paul told his beloved church in Thessalonica, “excel still more” (1 Thess. 4:1 & 10).  They were a church well known for their walk of faith and love, but Paul still felt compelled to exhort them on to greater victories over their sin and the entanglements of this world. And, I believe our body of Christ is very similar in that we have emerged from struggles and hardships that have hardened our resolve to live like Christ; but, like the Thessalonians, our journey is also still far from over.

So this Spring, Beloved, as we watch the flowers bloom, the grass turn green, and the days grow longer and longer, let’s remember that we have not arrived…that we are still awaiting the glory of our graduation day, when we will join our Lord and God forevermore.  Therefore, until our graduation day comes, let our rally cry continue to be to ourselves and to each other, “excel still more”!!!

–Pastor Mark Elkins

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