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Preparing for Vacation Bible School!

It’s already July and that means it’s time for Grace Baptist’s Vacation Bible School!!! It is another excellent opportunity for us to reach out to our community and share the love of Christ. This year we have the blessing of another Answers in Genesis VBS called IncrediWorld. In a world where our children our taught that all life evolved from slime, it is so important to give the next generation a foundational understanding that God is the Creator and we are made in His image.
IncrediWorld will show the children God’s fingerprints, throughout all of His creation, as they explore the amazingly designed features in the animal kingdom. Not only will they have fun, but they will also understand that since God has the power to create the Universe, He also has the power to save His people. And on that biblical foundation, we will uncover God’s plan of salvation, as it is revealed from Genesis to Revelation and allow Him to plant the seeds of His Gospel in these young children’s minds and hearts.
Our VBS also offers an excellent opportunity for all of us to be engaged in serving Christ. There are so many ways to impact the lives of these children. We need servant hearts to help with registration, games, helping the kids get from one class to another, helping with the “carnival” games on Sat., and even committing to pray for them during the VBS times. If you can only make it for one day, that is okay…everyone is welcome to share in the blessing that comes from being the hands and feet of Christ, especially to the smallest of His children.
The dates are fast approaching, July 22nd through to 25th from 5:45pm to 8:30pm and our Community Creation Celebration on Saturday July 26th from 10:00am to 2:00pm (Lunch provided.) Please contact Pam as soon as possible if you can serve and don’t forget to give a flyer to all your neighbors and friends with young children. And get ready for a thrill ride through God’s Creation!!!!

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