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Happy New Year!!!

Yes, it’s that time again, for making New Year’s resolutions to do things like diet, join the gym, quit smoking, walk after dinner, and read through the Bible in a year. While all of these are actually good things, they may not be the best ways to glorify God, in 2014. If we all knew that this was our last year alive together on earth, what would be the “must do” things for us to do  this year…what would be on our “Bucket List”?

Although the previous list is admirable, I would ask all of us (which includes me too) to consider what God would like us to accomplish this year, individually and collectively as a church. Perhaps, God wants you to reconcile a past friendship, or maybe start a new discipling relationship. Perhaps, He would like us to reach out to our community in new ways or serve a need with the blessings we have received. Maybe, God would like you to serve in a new ministry, such as with music or young people. Or maybe, He is preparing opportunities for us to touch souls around the world and around the corner in ways we may never thought possible.

Over the next several weeks, I want all of us to consider what would be on our “Bucket List” for 2014, both individually and for the entire church. Later in the month of January, we will all have an opportunity during a Sunday service, to place on the altar what God has laid on our hearts. Then we can beseech God to bless us and fulfill the deepest desires of our heart…to love Him will all our mind, body, and soul and love others as ourselves, as we make disciples of all nations, while obeying all that He has commanded. Beloved, I’m convinced that 2014 is going to be an incredible year for Grace Baptist Church and I can’t wait to see what Christ Jesus has in store for His flock.  Happy New Year and God Bless!!!

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