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The Gospel is the Answer

Greetings Beloved,

If you’ve already read the Pastor’s Notes for November, then you are aware that over the next several weeks I’m going to be sharing some of my thoughts on how to engage the least of those in our culture…the ones who have been most ravaged by the lies of sin. In the media lately the hot topic has been homosexuality and we must recognize that it will eventually become “normalized” in our culture. But, as Christians and citizens of heaven, our guide has never been the culture or even our governments (even though we submit to them because our sovereign Lord is over all things).

Therefore, we must prepare ourselves to engage a world that has literally turned God’s standards upside down…where righteousness is called intolerance and where sin is considered commendable, …where purity is considered foolish and where murder is called choice. This beloved, is our mission field and we must understand that the answer to the world’s problem is not found in better government, slicker marketing, or smarter lawyers…the answer is the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which sets men’s hearts free from the bondage of sin.

Below, I have a link to a Youtube video of the testimony of a young man named Ariel Santos, who was trapped in the lies that sin tells. Ariel admits that he was a transgender, homosexual, prostitute, but most of all he was a sinner in need of the love and redemption offered in the blood of Christ Jesus and by His grace one of us, a Christian, shared the reason for the hope that lives inside them…and God was glorified!!!!

Please watch this video and know that you know that you know…that the Gospel is the Answer:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QrIA-0cJ_fI

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