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January 2018 Pastor’s Notes

As hard to believe as it is, we have just begun a New Year!  And you know what that means…weeks of writing the wrong date on our checks.  It also means that it’s time for us to prayerfully reflect on what God has done at Grace over the past year and consider what He may have in store for us in the year to come.

     In 2017, God’s power was on full display here at GBC.  He gave us our largest Vacation Bible School ever, with over 113 children…our largest AWANA Ministry ever with over 56 kids…4 adult baptisms…13 new adult members and well over 20 new children in our weekly ministries.  And that doesn’t even touch on all the special offerings for flood relief, Lottie Moon & Annie Armstrong, Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes, Angel Tree gifts, and Festival Outreaches.  Truly, God’s powerful right hand was upon us in 2017!!!

     So, what is God planning for us in 2018?  As I’ve often said, “I’m no prophet,” but, in an attempt to answer that question, we are going to begin a new 4-part sermon series in January, entitled “Community”. 

When I came to Grace, one of the first observations I made was that for a new church, we were already a very strong Family of God.  Many of us had known each other for a number of years and our church membership only strengthened those bonds.  The reality is that we will never stop being a Family of God!  But, as the Holy Spirit continues to grow us, bringing new families, with diverse backgrounds, from wide-spread locations, we may need to explore what it means to be a Community in Christ.

     And that is exactly what we are going to do, by looking at the picture of the early church, as painted in the first several chapters of the Book of Acts.  It is my prayer that by doing so, we will grow in our knowledge of God’s plan for our Community, by revealing His heart for how we should view:

  • Spiritual Union
  • Stewardship
  • Sanctity of Life
  • Service & Sharing

So, please join us this January, as we prayerfully consider what God has in store for Grace Baptist Church in 2018 and beyond!!!

Baby Bottle Boomerang is Coming!

Sanctity of Life Sunday, January 21st, will be the day we launch our “Baby Bottle Boomerang” for 2017, and it will continue until Sunday, February 18th. Together, we will raise our prayers, raise people’s awareness, and raise the funds necessary for the Pregnancy Care Center of Martinsville to fulfill their mission of saving the lives of babies and caring for them and their parents, before and after they are safely brought into this world, all for the glory of Jesus Christ our Lord.

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