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Prayer Requests and Updates

Beloved, our sister Jan Ferraro has requested your prayers for several members of her family who are facing serious challenges:
• for her sister, Francene Ferraro, who lives in Mooresville, NC, who has been diagnosed with congestive heart failure. She recently had shoulder surgery and is in rehab for that surgery.
• for her brother, Clem Ferraro, who has been diagnosed with Lewy-body dementia. Their family needs guidance as to future care.
• for her aunt, Sally Timpanelli, who lives in New Port Richey, FL, who has been in ICU in an induced coma after surgery for a perforated colon. She was found unresponsive today and is believed to have suffered a stroke.

Also, please praise God for Will Ross coming home from the hospital and for his continued recovery from triple-bypass surgery.

Please praise God for Randale’s Papa and Becky’s father doing well enough that doctors are looking to move him to a step down unit and beginning therapy next week. He still has a long road ahead, so continue to also pray for his healing.

And, don’t forget that tomorrow will be our sister Karen Walker’s next chemo treatment, so continue to lift her up and beseech our merciful Lord for her healing and strength.

In the powerful & precious name of Jesus Christ our Lord,
Pastor Mark

Prayer Requests

Beloved, please be in prayer for Randale’s Papa who was placed on life support this morning following complications after his bad fall and multiple broken bones and injuries. Pray for his healing and wisdom for the doctors.

Continue to pray for healing and peace for Diane and Will Ross. Praise God, that Will has finally moved from ICU to a regular room and is feeling much better, but he still has a lot of recovery ahead of him.

Also, continue to pray for Karen Walker to be healed and strength for tomorrow’s Women’s Retreat.

And finally, please be in prayer for the Women’s Retreat tomorrow from 10:00am to 2:00pm.

In the powerful & precious name of Jesus Christ our Lord,
Pastor Mark

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